Well done ! Nice guitar too
There is just this one bit in the D chord pull-off thing you do right after the alternate picking on the 6th (D) string - you are supposed to strike the top two strings upwards to get it like it's on the album.
Dude, that was just about flawless. I can just agree about trying to get a fuller tone.
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Very nicely done! (Y) As someone's already said, the chord you play as an F (3rd fret bit) is played by Gojira by up-picking the 1st through 4th or 5th strings all open. Gojira do that a lot.
Other than that, this is, as many have said, flawless...

eh ... do you mean this?

E: -
B: -
G: -
D: 0
A: 0
E: 1
Very nicely done! I know it's a really fast and technical song, but the timing seemed just a little bit out at parts. Keep it up, nearly perfect overall.
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Great cover man! The tone is great imo, and the playing is pretty much perfect. What gear you using?
crit mine?

thanks dude. im using a cheap randy rhoads imitation guitar through a zoom G2.1u and a Laney LX20R amp. Guitars are extremely expensive here in India. we have to pay almost twice the US rates for most ESPs n ****. I'll be picking up a Schecter soon tho.