Well I keep going back to this song and making minor changes to it so I thought I'd try and get a bit more feedback on it.

I don't know any music theory so some of my harmonies may be a bit off and I was actually hoping for a bit of help with this. In particular I was hoping someone could help me out with the harmonies at bars 56, 151 and 152 - I've worked with them a bit but I can't seem to get the right sound.

C4C of course.

Setting Suns And Crying Skies.zip
Hey man, a hint for figuring out your harmonies, open up the fretboard on gp and then go to scale finder to find out what scale your playing, and that helps out with what notes you can harmonise using, if you know what I mean. But personally I think all your harmonies sound fine.

Awesome song as well, wish I knew how to put strings in and all.
dude, this is awesome...but i think some of the things thatg are repeated dont need to be..but other than that it was really good....i like it when the strings come in on bar 9...the piano at bar 29 is good..bar 73-80 is really good..but my favorite part is crying skies...i love the solo, it twas beautiful...i just didnt like the way it ended, with just the piano...i think it would be better with the guitar instead of the piano...

overall- 8/10

C4C? Its song 7 in my sig, thanks
You wrote 90 measures on one chord...
Might i suggest changing the stings to regular strings, rather than tremolo.

To be honest I thought the intro was very nice, but you dragged it out so long I lost interest. Some great melodies and ideas in there, but it's just too long without variation. The Crying Skies part, however is just great.
134 Lead was amazing. I loved it to death. Very nice job.
You need to adjust the volumes better. The strings are way too loud.
182 this progression has been drawn out long enough as well. Do a different outro.

Overall it's great if you would just shorten the first half of it.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1174505
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I like this piece overall dude.
Maybe a bit repetitive here and there but if you add vocals that will be less obvious.
Anyways, the lead at 134 to .. i dunno .. awesome .. purely awesome.
harmonies work very well in general.
To me it seems .. like a heroic epos .. you know, this would be the perfect soundtrack
to a game like Final Fantasy with a tragic ending.
Thanks for the crit on the boring love song for my woman...So now I return the favor.

Im doing this as I listen to it..

The intro instantly has me ready for something epic..and the synth gave it to me.

the transition to piano using the main riff is a great touch.

Bar 73 is awesome.

The Crying Skies part is my favorite by far.

The lead guitar that harmonizes make me want to cry its so cool.

There isnt really much more that I can say than that I think this is a masterpiece.

Yo homeskillet. Really good tune you got here, and I can't really say too much cause a lot of it has already been said. You clearly have a very good sense of harmony and it really shows, but I wouldn't try to depend on that to lengthen the song too much, don't get me wrong, this piece is really beautiful, it's just so much of it seemed like filler harmonies to get to the next big epic part and eventually got a little tiring. It could use a bit of variance. But like I said, it's very well composed and good job. Could be a intro for a movie for sure.

1-8 were a nice hook, made me listen to the whole song.
9-16 sounded pretty awesome as an alternate riff
17-24 beautifully composed I love the Orchestra
29+ I love the new variation with the backing intro riff
36+ The orchestra effect is nice again
45+ Still pretty strong.
53+ I like the new change in the riff.
69+ it starts to seem a little bland, sorry. Now it feels like you took emotion and just tried to write more and more.
89+ Sounds pretty good for a transition into the next part which is extremely beautifully done
118 I extremely dislike this riff. Sorry.
134 made it a little better but I still really don't like the rhythm riff, it feels kinda like you changed it to the "ending theme" music to a video game.
158 I feel like from here on you could've done some more work!

Overal the "Setting Suns" is the best part I apologize but Crying Skies isn't is my thing. It was a good attempt but to be fair. Setting Suns - 9/10; Crying Skies 4/10 Sorry.
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Ok.. so you went down the soft, pretty road. Nice to hear. (sorry I took so long to get on this, and thanks for commenting on mine )

As I go through the bars, I see plenty of variations of basically the same theme (like StewieSwan said, 90 bars on one chord... xD). I can see this song work as "ambient", i.e. creating an atmosphere without imposing itself on the listener too much, drifting in and out of his/her mind... if that's what you were going for with this, congratulations. Only thing I can point out is that some fade-ins ans outs when instruments enter/leave the "orchestra" (specially strings) would be nice, you want this kind of thing to be as smooth as possible both in harmonies and mixing.

Speaking of mixing, panning would have been nice too (not that important though) - nothing +8 or -8, but maybe pulling piano a little to one side and guitar to the other, with strings staying at 0.

Kudos on changing to 3/4 on bar 97... I barely noticed it without looking @ the tab :P
the 3/4 bit is actually my favourite of the whole song both harmony and rhythm-wise.

Transition into "crying skies" could use a better progression, you just finish in E minor and jump off to a B minor progression without any transition - I'd either make a few "pause bars" just with the strings fading out or something or figure out a progression to make the transition (something simple like Em-CM7-Bm, or Em-F#-Bm would do)

Lead starting on bar 134 is very nice, has some odd dissonance here and there, but it works somehow (well, not really odd dissonance, just unexpected in this kind of song)... anyway, I liked. good stuff.

Overall, yeah, it repeats a lot, but it's a quite good effort for "ambient", if that's what you were going for... well, it certainly has an atmosphere.
Great intro, as someone said above it dragged on for a bit, bar 25 was a nice touch.

Bar 45 I liked too, the piano sounds beautiful in that section

Bar 73, once again, nicely done. I can see that you use the same chord throughout but you've got variety in there, not an easy accomplishment so pat yourself on the back for that.

Crying skies was probably my fav. part of this piece (especially when the lead guitar came in, great stuff!) The harmony sounds fine to me by the way.

Overall a solid 10/10, I can see nothing that needs changing other than the intro (dragged on a bit) but I'm not gonna take off any points for that. Try adding some drums in some of the parts, something simple (simple beat), it'll add a whole new layer to it.

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Wow, I'm listening to your song now and it certainly sounds like it could be quite "epic", as they say, if recorded live - especially in a movie soundtrack setting of some kind! Parts of it remind me of Harry Gregson-Williams - Evacuating London (from first The Chronicles Of Narnia film score), possibly aided in part by the piano and strings instrumentation.

Anyway, it's pretty awesome overall, and is definitely very relaxing and pleasant, despite some clashing harmonies in parts which could be taken as intentional and more effective, anyway. Well done!