Where could I find a decent ukulele for under $50? I want something that's good for just messing around without being too serious about it, but is still playable with a decent tone.

EDIT: Feel free to discuss Ukuleles in general here, too.
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Hey, I was thinking about this too. I wanted to get a cheap electric ukulele and run in through my distortion pedal so I could play song brutal riffs with it. Haven't been able to find on cheap enough to bother with, though.
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Ukelele's are awesome

Does anyone know how the chords work? I'm assuming they do have chords, right?

its the same as the bottom four strings of a guitar, except up 4(?) frets. the string that would be the g on the guitar is tuned up one octave. you can use normal chords that you would use on the guitar.

and i dont think you really can get a decent uke for under 50 bucks. theres not much of a market for them, so they go from extremely cheap to really really expensive. theres no middle ground.
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I see your awesome ukelele, and raise you one br00tal ukelele:
whats the point of that? it sounds just like a guitar. its just a gimmik.
I have no opinion on this matter.
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a ukelele is tuned the same as violin. GCEA
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I'm not quite sure if you were trying to be funny or if you have a learning disability, either way, I was not amused.

He is not amused.
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DONT BUY A ROUGE AHHHH they are absolutely toys, I use a lanikai concert sized uke.. which is decent but kinda expensive for what it is.
There are different kinds of ukuleles, the most common being the smallest (soprano), they use re-entrant tuning and are tuned to GCEA. You can play normal guitar chords on them (imagine they're the 4 highest strings on a guitar) but you won't be in the same key. Don't bother going for one that's 50 bucks you're gonna need a little more to get something that will hold tune, sound decent and not break. If you wanna learn some ukulele stuff google ukulele underground, great vids posted by a guy named Aldrine Guerrero.

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DONT BUY A ROUGE AHHHH they are absolutely toys, I use a lanikai concert sized uke.. which is decent but kinda expensive for what it is.

Yeah, Lanikais aren't bad, can't go far wrong with one of those for a first uke. When I got one I just tried a few at my local music shop and picked a nice Baton Rouge. It's either a U5S or a U6S, I'm not entirely sure. Bloody nice though. I think I paid the equivalent of about 200 dollars for it, a case, a new set of strings and all the usual crap you buy.
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