So i have an iriver t30 but the drivers are not available now so im stuck with the same ****ty songs! It says on their site i can use wmp 10 but thats not available to my windows xp.

Is there any way i can get round this? i cant seem to drag and drop into the folder.
So you've got all of your music on your PC, and some of that copied to your iRiver?

Do you just want to change the music on your iRiver, or do you want to get something off it that isn't also on your PC already?

If it's the former, you could just erase the iRiver disk.
its old stuff on the iriver and the thing is not full either. on my control panel it names the iriver but wont let me chuck stuff in like the ipod does. ive got 2 irivers one of which is a half brick and i dont want to have to buy another for some ****ty lcd screen tech.