Hey guys,
Me and a few guys have been playing some covers for a few weeks, but it's pretty hard to find songs that include most of our instruments. So I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions. We have a singer, bassist, elec. guitar, acoustic guitar, drummer, and keys. So far we've played Rock and Roll by eric hutchinson and violet hill by coldplay. Any others in that same vein? Thanks
Chiodos. Swap out the acoustic.
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I know, that's what I thought, but you'd be surprised how few songs have acoustic keys and electric
Journey! Check out their older stuff. Journey has bass, drums, keyboard, vocals... not sure about the random acoustic. Beatles fit that too. Martha my dear has killer piano, let it be has acoustic, lead guitar, piano, vocals, bass and drums.
avenged sevenfold would be good if you like that kind of genre. but usually the electric parts have 3 or more guitars and the acoustic parts have 2 or more so u can get creative! maybe the keyboard player can play the rythm guitar part or ur acoustic player can play electric and electric play aocustic.
hope that helps
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Paranoid Android by Radiohead, maybe?

Almost anything by Radiohead would fit those instruments and sound incredible.
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Little Things Give you away by Linkin Park?
It has an acoustic guitar, and all the other instruments except for piano. I think it would sound good with a piano if you can transcribe it.
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Guns and Roses stuff from the Illusion albums if you guys are incapable of writing your own parts.

Just get the chord sheets for everyone and they can make their own parts - it's called "being in a band".
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Paranoid Android by Radiohead, maybe?


It's perfect really, because they're a five piece band. Thom plays guitar AND sings, so if you assign both parts to different people, that makes for a six piece band.

You really shouldn't limit each member to that one instrument though. If your singer knows how to play guitar, there's nothing wrong with him playing rhythm while he sings. If a song needs two electric guitars in it, have the acoustic player pick up an electric. If your keyboardist knows other instruments, then you can have him/her play that until it's time for the keyboard to play. You'll get more out of the members you've got in the band, and you'll get some really nice textures that way.

And if you really can't find songs for a six piece band, start writing your own songs.

Try arranging songs differently
but bands like Rhapsody, NightWish etc. will work

So, try some symphonic metal =]
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A lot of stuff by Oasis would work. Keys would have to be arranged a bit but the electric/acoustic combination would work perfectly. Best two songs would be Wonderwall and Live Forever.
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