Hey guys, as suggested I need some help:

Recently my girlfriends guitar was stolen, as it is her birthday soon, I want to get her a new guitar. I am on a tight budget, so, I have narrowed it down to the following on a auction site:

Ibanez GIO
Fender Stratocaster "Squier" Affinity Series
Ibanez Stagestar
Ibanez EX series

All of these are currently within my price range, but I don't know much about guitars and I was hoping you could rank them, or tell me which one I should get. I can provide more information about the guitars if needed. I am currently looking very hard at the Ibanez EX series guitar as I have heard good things.

Thank you!
ibanez ex dude- u've been looking hard at the right thing- ur girlfriend should be proud- make her happy
Hiii, first I wanna ask, what was her old guitar?
How much are you willing to spend... Two essential questions

Also, you mean RG#EX#? right? Cause there's not a guitar called just an Ibanez EX.

Like the RG2EX1?

They're not bad. : ) but not great obviously.

If we know what her old guitar is, we can make an informed decision on whether to buy her a brand new guitar with only your money, or, if her old guitar was considerably better than the one you're going to buy, I would suggest that you just give her what you were willing to spend, telling her why... Because I'm positive she'd appreciated the sentiment and the guitar, but if what she had before was better, it could be quite frustrating... I mean if I were you I'd:

A. Beat up the guy who stole it.
B. Tell her (yes, spoiling the surprise, so what) that you are going to get her a guitar and ask what SHE wants.
C. Get her whatever and risk the fact that she may be happy with your sentiment, but not with the guitar lol.

Imo, ask her. It's the easiest and safest way... Ever gotten a video game from like your grandparents that you didn't ask for and totally sucks and is not your style ? Same deal with guitars...

Also, August birthdays for the win... (aug9th myself : ] )
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she had a fender squire... she's really only learning guitar, soooo I think she will be fine with most things.
Ohhh in that case go with the ibanez! I own two ibanez's so I'm biased, but the RG2EX1 like I mentioned is nice.