I checked all over ebay and other guitar sites. I cannot find a whammy bar for my Korean made RG120... please help if you know where I can get one. I am going to the music store again tomorrow, but Ive looked there before, they dont have what I need.

ALSO - I bought my guitar off craigslist, one hell of a deal on it. But anyway I went to change the strings and there looks like there is a tremolo spring missing...

The middle one is gone, is that umm bad? Should I buy another spring and replace it?
you should be able to find a tremolo arm on http://www.axesrus.com/axecart.htm they have loads of good replacment and new parts for guitars, also you should be able to find any standard whammy bar in any music shop. you could buy a spring but if the tremolo's been fine i wouldnt see much point in changing the set up, also it would decrease the tension on current springs so in effect would depress the tremolo but its up to you