I have the Alesis Multimix 8 USB, not that great sound quality. What if I were to plug it into, say a profire 610 via the stereo output/input. Would that make the sound quality better than if I were using it's onboard USB function or would that just be like beating a dead horse?
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if you have access to a nice interface like that why bother with the mixer? but yeah it would probably sound a bit better, just run the mixers analog outs into the profires line ins.
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I'm trying to decide what to get right now. If I don't have to, I don't want to get the 2626 YET, and if I can get a good sound out of that method, I will be happy, because I have enough inputs with the Multimix, and it's flexible, but it just doesn't have the best sound when plugged in via USB.
honestly you'd be better off getting an interfface with however many inputs you need instead of a mixer, because that severely limits your actual mixing options once everthing is recorded by only recording to one stereo chanel (or two mono channels) that have already been mixed, whereas an interface will record every input to its own channel giving you many more options.
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I have the mixer already, and I will be using the mixer for drums only. For guitars and such, I will probably just use the interface itself. Right now, the mixer is my interface, and it only records into one stereo channel, so that obviously doesn't matter too much to me :P