I was wondering whether it's possible to replace the Bridge pickups on Fat Strats to a single piece Humbucker like an EMG 85. I ask because i'm considering buying a Fender Deluxe Fat Strat and i figure that eventually i'll want to upgrade it a bit after i get a new kickass Amp. So, is it possible? and also, is there any point replacing the single coils? like maybe replacing my neck pickup with a Hot Rail so it runs HSH. btw, it's stock Pups are 2 Tex-Mex single coils and a Tex-Mex Humbucking Pup.
Yes. Considering a fat strat is a H-s-s and that an EMG85 is a humbucker... It's very possible.

Oh and I'd wait to consider changing the pups until AFTER the amp...

And if you're shooting for a H-S-H setup, BUY an H-S-H setup, not an H-S-S.... That's what I'd do.
Cool, was just wondering because the stock humbucker appears to just be 2 single coils thrown together and i was like WTF? because i've never owned a strat before. Definitely waiting until after the Amp to upgrade and i probably won't go for a HSH was just a thought. What are the best single coils you can buy?
If you're considering throwing in EMGs, i doubt a strat is for you. Just an opinion.

The humbucker on that may look like 2 single coils, but it's actually a humbucker, don't worry about that.

As for single coils, (you'll hear this a lot) there's no "best". It all depends on what sounds you're after. However, the ones that have a good reputation include Lady Fralin, Lace Sensors and i quite like the Dimarzio Area models.
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I wasn't gonna throw in some Emg's i just couldn't think of any other Humbuckers on the spot, lol. Ok, well i guess i'll figure out the single's some other time. Back to the bridge, reckon i should go with some Seymour Duncan's?
What do you play? Also, what amp??

You're jumping to far ahead of yourself here.
Right, haha.

Like before, we can only really make recommendations if you tell us what kind of sound you're after, or an example of a guitarist's sound that you like.
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Trust me, I'm a medical student
why don't you get a guitar with stock seymour duncans rather than a strat. for example my yamaha has a JB in the bridge and in my opinion it is just as good as a fender.
My sound: Warm, mellow lows on clean accompanied by bright highs. On distortion i want a thick, crunchy sound out of the lows and and once again bright, clear highs. That's my sound. What was up with the Mask comment? I don't get it
One of the guitarists from slipknot, Jim Root, is endorsed by fender and plays his signature telecaster with EMG's...
^^^^That's what i was thinking but i couldn't figure how he got his tone out from a Tele.
About what i play. I play pretty much all rock ranging from Bluesy stiff to a bit of Metal. Not alot of Metal though and it's not too heavy anyway.