So I recently made the jump to bass, anyway I have a Tascam US-122 (big blue one, not the sleek new one) I use Guitar Rig 3 and headphones along with the interface

My biggest problem is when ever I have a decent it set to a decent volume, I get insane 'feedback'. I can alleviate this in two ways, turning down the input or the output on the interface. Its just a huge pain in my ass seing as I can't play with the volume I desire.

Am I doing something wrong, or should I look for another interface? Suggestions for the latter would be appreciated
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Sounds like an interface problem (ie the output signal is leaking back into the input signal, causing the feedback loop).

You could try a DI box for the bass, which should mean that you won't need as much gain.

If you want a new interface, look as the focusrite saffire pro range (the 24 and 40)
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This is an odd one, for sure. I had a few problems with digital distortion, low output, and feedback with GR3 until I nailed the latency. That having said, I haven't got a USB interface, I'm strictly low-tech!
Are you using the hi-impedance pad that's on the Tascam? Maybe that would help calm it down.
Is your recorded sound ok with the feedback tamed? You might have to just live with it.
Sorry I can't be more specific, maybe you could check out Fixya .
Does the TASCAM have a control panel at all? Perhaps something that lets you control its buffer size?

I don't know why/how SC would change those settings, but if there is something in the panel that controls its buffer size, try increasing it. Then, if everything seems fine, re-start SC and see if the problems come back. If they do, there is something to look at it.
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If you can't get the stuttering to stop, I'd be surprised if SC caused it. I haven't used PsyCollider myself (I'm on a mac), but I can't think of a way for SC to play with those settings.

Hope that helps.
I recently got the guitar rig session i/o by native instruments. I have no problems at all. it came with guitar rig 3 and Cubase. I spent about 200 all together so if you could just find the session i/o it shouldn't be too expensive.
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