i went to a guitar shop today to get a noise gate, i made a special trip for a bout an hour and a half to get to a shop that had an ISP decimator in stock, anyway, i get there, and the decimator just seemed to cut HEAPS of sustain on my sound, even with the knob below halfway, anyway i ended up getting a Boss NS-2 coz it seemed to have better sustain, and i get it home right, and its a P.O.S!

so anyways, where the hell do i go from here
You don't run the ISP at over half! At most i'll run mine at -40, and my amp is super noisy with lots of gain.
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i cant remember exactly what i had it on... it was probly 9:30 10 oclockish, any less and it squealed like a bitch. just FYI im running an Ibanez MTM1 (active emg 81) into a peavey 6505+
We're hoping you got the pedal in your FX loop at the end of any FX in the chain?!?!?!
okay. then can someone help me out please? i get that im doing it wrong, but that doesnt really solve my problem
no... i have no pedals except the NS-2 now, and i run it straight into the amps input
place the pedal at the end of the FX chain, be it in the loop or in front of the amp. set the treshold all the way down and play. slowly turn up the threshold until you hit the sweet spot that extra noise/hiss is coming out of

That or run you NS-2 in the x formation with some good cables

i use my isp in front of my amp and it works fine.

like this for the ns-2

least tone suckage.
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Its a quick fix. the ns-2 works perfectly fine that way. just takes a little more cables.
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it doesnt work! WTF is wrong with my stupid pedal! i followed the instructions right and all i hear is FEEDBACK!!!!