1 week old off ebay EMG 81 & 85 set with all necessary wiring, pots, jack, clip and 18 volt mod - $155.

1 week old off ebay Seymour Duncan Blackouts set with all necessary components, original cases - $165.

Dimarzio D Sonic - lots of lead, pickup only - $70

Dimarzio D Activator X neck with lots of lead, original case and instructions - $70

or you can buy both Dimarzios for $130


Long story short, the active pickups are my first foray into the world of active pickups. Curiousity got the best of me and I went against the reviews of both the Blackouts and EMGs and purchased both. I can't really hear a big difference between them, so I'm looking to sell one set and get back what I spent on it.
The passives are up for sale since I have no need for them. School is starting soon and I gotta pay for books .

These will be shipped USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. I prefer paypal but will also accept money orders. I've sold pickups and a bass here as well as some pickups on harmony central, so please refer to those references.
Ship the dimarzios to the uk? If so how much?
I shouldn't post when drunk..

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Never shipped to the UK but I'll find out what it'll cost to ship out there. PM your address so I can check at my post office.

Dimarzio D Sonic - $60 shipped
Dimarzio D Activator X - $60 shipped
EMG 81 & 85 set - $145 shipped
intrested in the EMGs as its my bday in 2 weeks...pm me and ill send my details so you can check the rates.

Sorry dude, loooking to sell this as a set.

forgot to mention: I'll will do a straight up trade for 2 single coil pickups:

Air Norton S, Fast Track 2, The Chopper.
if the emgs are still for sale, im interested ($130?)(quick-connect or solder?). i might not be able to get the money right away, but if u can wait a few days, ill take em. if not, then free bump.
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Price drop to $115 shipped to your door! Priced to SELL!

MP3 player died and am in need of a new one. $115 paypal to your door by USPS priority mail with delivery confirmation or if you have an unopened mp3 player, possibly will do a straight trade. 8 gb minimum, higher the better.