So I need strings. Please note I've read the rules and stickies already so if there's a relevant thread I've overlooked please point me in the right direction.

Anyway I've been playing my brother's old Ernie Ball Musicman Sub-1 for about two years now and I'm ashamed to say the strings may not have been changed for that long. Only recently has my semi-acoustic's (Epi PR-5E) been restrung but the bridge on the Musicman looks different and hence intimidating.

The info needed is as follows:
1. What strings would you recommend for long wear and decent sound
2. Any tips as to how I should go about restringing it? Or should I take it to a store to be restrung - though it would be better to be independent and will use this as a last resort.

Your input is much appreciated.
if it is your first time restringing it then take it to the shop,
jus tell him your unsure on how to restring it could he do it for you but show you how to do it in the process i had to do this when i first got my guitar with a floyd rose =/,
if you dont want to do this type into youtube how to restring a musicman sub - 1
strings, i use rotosounds buh i change myn often you should probably get some ernie balls if you want like long lasting
dean markeley signature series strings
bought a set to try them out and ive never gone back since.

as for stringing, its been said before, go to a shop or a friend or something and get them to show you.
Hmmm ok thanks for your responses. I think the DIY thing is still in the cards - will look on youtube as suggested, and maybe have a handy friend over. I restrung my Epi (sorry wasn't clear) and that took about an hour but then again I've never been shown.