Ok, so Christmas and my Birthday are pretty close together and i'm just gonna ask for money rather than presents so that i can get myself a new Amp. My plan is to get a really nice Amp that'd be suitable for gigging at relatively small venues (so not massive but large enough) which will actually be good enough to realise when i've changed my pickups or something. Budget will be £300-400 ideally but i will be happy to go higher for a really great amp. I play a Fender Deluxe Fat Strat and I want to be able to pull off some nice Rock tones. Everything from Bluesy Rock to Metal. I really need a great amp because i plan on doing a fair but of upgrading on my guitar but there's no point if my Amp sucks too bad to make it sound any good. What should i get?
Dunno, people over there play a wider range of Instruments so i figurd i'd get a more specialised opinion. I'll repost over there but still fell free to post your ideas.