They have some great price's on stuff, but it seem's too good to be true, from what i hear by people that own them they're great. Problem is i can't really test them out since guitar center nor any other place will have them. So anyone ever heard of them? what do you think of them if you have?
i compared the speaker spec's in those to a pair of celestion's of the same size, and they we're about even which give's me some hope.

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long live bucketmark.
400RMS seems a bit much, you wont be able to really push the speakers.
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400RMS seems a bit much, you wont be able to really push the speakers.

forgive me for being, a newbie, but what does the RMS stand for? i'm assuming volume
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With cabs, you tend to get what you pay for. If you're on a budget, you can get a half-decent 2x12 instead of a cheap and nasty cheap 4x12...

That's what i'm thinking, but i don't know, it seem's pretty legeti worst comes to worst, they're crap and i return them. But the deal is amazing, everyonce in a while a good deal like this must be true