anyone done this course at ACM in guildford??

im starting it in september and just wondered if any UG'ers did it and what feedback could be given??

any ACM goers could give opnions on the ACM itself? tutors? facilities?

i did the open day and it looked awesome, but anyone got any "insider" views?

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I'm going to TU Darmstadt in September, anybody else study there? any ideas about tutors? facilities?

dude, why dont you go to forums directly related to the school. there are probably 4 ugers that even know what school you're talking about.
im starting guitar diploma in september

cant waaaaaait
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ye done the course, wasn't worth it unless you've never played in a band before.
as for diplomas or whatever it's more of a commercial business then colleges etc, so harder work but done in less time + have to pay at college level.. less laid back then other courses but i'm planning on going after college.

the facilities and tutors are the best your get though.
I've heard that at ACM they have really big classes and you don't get to know the tutors.

It's probably got top notch equipment however.
Did HND at platform one on the isle of wight, serious music down there guys. Facilities are amazing, two fully equipped studios, 24 and 36 channel audient mixing desks, with integrated pro tools and a whole lotta proffessional mics - electrovoice re20, sm57s and 58s, c414s, GrooveTubes - nice load of rack units too. Tutors are amazing, arranging techniques and listening skills modules are taught by a guy named Simon Fricker, an orchestral composer and professional pianist with perfect pitch. You get a brilliant amount of studio time, and the opportunity for regular gigs, as well as a tour to cornwall to finish off the year - and available slots to play at the Isle of Wight festival. Good times. Highly reccomend.
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I'm on the degree performance course. The tutors are really good, I think Chad Jackson (the guy who did hear the drummer get wicked) teaches production.