refurbish...for want of a better word obviously....

So ive found an old guitar of my uncles in my grannys house. its like 40 years old, sg body but one of the ones with no name at the top (save for a sticker sayin status quo)... im pretty sure the action needs seen to and itll certainly need new pick ups, rewired, and maybe even a new bridge.
so what way sould i go about doing this? im thinking try to sort the action first, no point in spending big on new pick ups etc only to find the guitar is utterly unplayable. then if the actions sorted, does anybody have any reccomendations for cheapish but decent pups. im not sure what soundim aiming for with ths guitar, but ive got a prs and a les paul, so something different from those.
any advice would be greatly appreciated.
oh, also, im considering stripping the paint of the guitar which is curently much the same colour as angus youngs sg. at what stage of the procedure do i do this, if i do decide thats what i want to do?

thanks, danny
work out whats needed and see to that!

edit, for getting rid of paint, just use a few grades of sandpaper, and alot of time
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i demand pics!
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i demand pics!

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so what way sould i go about doing this? im thinking try to sort the action first, no point in spending big on new pick ups etc only to find the guitar is utterly unplayable.

This is wise. Congrats on the find!
Old guitars are like old furniture... they have more value with the "dirty" patina on them than rather than having been stripped and refinished... (Well as long as they are a desirable collector item and still playable.) And besides, with faux aging all the rage now, why would you take an old guitar and make it look new?

Pics or it is a Korean copy...
the only thing i can make out is that its made in taiwan. its similar to an sg, but not exactly the same...
yeah the strippng itdown isonly a vague kinda option, but i like the red finish on it
as for pups, i dont think ive a p90 in my gibson, both my gutars just have the stock pups they came with, so im not actually sure what models they are. ive a gibson bfg and a prs santana se2... if that gives you any ideas.
ill try and get some pictures up asap... is that done by using th manage attachments option just below where im typiing this reply now., or is it easier to cut and paste an image into the text box?
damn close... head stock is different, dot inlays, 1tone and 1 volume knob... now the pickup selecters are weird..theyre 2 small switches...i cant really describe, im just uploading h pictures now.. the bridge is the same... its weird like...

ill get these uploaded asap
im guesin it was just a cheapo guitar my granny bought for my uncles to play about on, they werent serious guitarists like
yep, however my one is the colour of the first, and the pup selectors are higher up, level with the neck pickup

the pikups themselves are differnt too. single coil and ive no idea as to the make.
have you any ideaof the model of the guitar?

going to take the guitar to a shop tomorow, or during the week and see if te action is improvable, if so, and finances alowing, i will do my best to make this my third and hardest worked for guitar. cheers for the help guys.
Sounds like a cool guitar man , you should just get it properly set up and see how it sounds exactly as it is.
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similar, but the bodys of the first twoyou showed closer... and the pup selecter is furthur up again.. my camera isnt being very coperative, so ill have to do without photos. ill get the action sorted and see what its like on its own. but just judging by the age and the fact that its not made by a recognised brand i would say the pups could be shot and ill have to get new ones.

ill keep you updated cheers guys
We need pics man
Don't refinish it, naturally aged guitars are sexy.

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