I was browsing youtube, checking out bass covers, when I noticed that a few bassists put stuff in the description like "I took out the original bassline, so all you hear is me playing" and stuff like, that. I was wondering how they did that, when I saw someone had asked that already and one of the people who did it on their covers answered "I have the original music files with all the instruments in individual tracks", but when asked where he got it he chose to ignore that question. Some other guy said he got them from a friend, but wasn't allowed to pass them on. I think they only exist for Blood sugar sex magik, cause they didn't do it for the other albums, but does anybody know how they got these original files, and why they're so secretive about it? I've searched on google, but couldn't find anything.
There called jam tracks you can find them on different guitar websites. Sometimes you have to pay to download them. Hope that clears it up for you.

You can probably find the isolated tracks on the internet. Google?

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If the song was in guitar hero/rock band you can find the master tracks so you can listen to only chosen parts of the song
There's computer software that can take it out for you
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This sounds like something i would be interested in????

Were can i Sam H find some of these isolated tracks or computer software that can do it for me. A genie in a lamp???
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yes the only way that the individual tracks could get out is through rock band.

we have the whole bssm album as well as dani california, snow and tell me baby. im pretty sure.

i think wb forced everyone to take them down or something because i cant find them on the net anymore.

but ive got them all downloaded so tell us if u want anything in particular.
ok thanks, that clears it up. I had heard something like "it's from Rockband", but not where to get them, thanks.