I bought some Fast Fret yesterday, and I am wondering if what I am doing is correct. I rub it along the strings before and after playing, and it picks up dirt and sweat. The stick then has brown lines on it (the dirt from the strings). Am I supposed to just leave it there or try and rub it off or what?
you're asking if you should clean the stick that cleans your strings?

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It has been years since I used the stuff but, is there not a small rag in the can with the stick??

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Its not going to really matter. I had a can of that for my Acoustic a while back. The stick just gets nasty over time. It wont affect it at all, in my experience. I still use it when Im done, but not before. Come to think of it though, I dont think Ive ever used it on one of my electrics, funny huh.

Plain and simple: It shouldnt be an issue, its just par for the course with that stuff.
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