Pretty standard, but nevertheless enjoyable heavy metal band out of the U.S. The vocals are the best part, to me.

Also, their Spanish version of 'Chupacabra' is amazing. Makes me wish they always sang in spanish... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNM6FDH7lP8

Kill the Devil

King Diamond Tribute

I'll add some more later...

Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Here are some live clips

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Loving Kill the Devil atm, great find, man.
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Hell Destroyer....nuff said...I'll post the link later, but if you guys aren't feeling lazy check it out!
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Kill the Devil's intro sounds eeriely like the opening track to Testaments 'The Formation of Damnation'

Needless to say, awesome sound, and the vocals are phenomonal. I may invest in the entire back catalogue
I have Hell Destroyer and Darker Than Black, and I would definitely reccommend them to anyone who liked any of the tracks posted.
C'mon, people!

These guys rock. Why has no-one heard of them. They've got like 4 albums already, I think.
pretty cool stuff bro
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