Hey guys, I'm planning to swap speaker and tubes in my amp ( Blackstar HT-5 ) and pickups in my strat ( HSS configuration ).

I suck at describing tone with words but i'll try to explain what i want from both amp and guitar.

Speaker: I need 10" speaker that will make my amp sound a little bigger and warmer with smooth highs but still maintaining clarity.

Pickups: For bridge humbucker i want thick sounding medium to high output pickup but with some bite. To me perfect pickup would be something like Tonezone but with less output, little bit less bass and low mids, and a bit more bite.

I want noiseless single coils in neck and mid position. I want neck pickup to be smooth and clear, and just a tiny little bit more output than stock one in my strat ( american standard )

Edit: I forgot to mention that i need new tubes, never changed tubes in amp before so i don't know what to expect, but my power tube is going to die so i need 1 12BH7
and 1 12AX7 tubes.

From music i mostly listen to Prog Rock/Metal, from Pink Floyd up to Porcupine Tree, Symphony X, Opeth and similar.

Budget is not limited, but keep the prices reasonable.

I hope you'll be able to help me and give me few good advices.
Thank you on your time.
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This is an excellent place to start your search for a speaker, as I'm pretty inexperienced with them. My recommendations would only come from my limited experience and that thread.


Pickup wise, Bareknuckle Pickup's website gives you a detailed run-down on the type of sound and coiling method of each individual model. The website will no doubt give you a better explanation of their tones than me. The pickups are unfortunately, a little expensive, but worth the investment, if you ask me.
Single coils: Rock Moneky Pickups (a guy named CordoroyEW, or something like that) makes them on here (UG). They sound lovely to me and he gives a great service, also, with 10% off for UG'ers.

Tonerider, Swineshead, Wilkinson also make nice single-coils.

Dimiarzio wise (single coils): The DP184 Chopper, DP110 FS-1, SDS-1 DP 111, DP 176, DP 175S, DP 175 True Velvet, DP 409 Heavy blues 2, are all worth looking into.

That's all I can think of right now.
Thank you very much on your time. I checked speaker thread and it seems like Eminence Ramrod would be perfect speaker for me. As for pickups, I'll spend some time looking at those brands that u mentioned and try to listen to some clips.

The only thing that's left are tubes.
There is also a tube thread you can look into here on UG.

I only know a few basics; things that most people know.