Hello there.
the singer in our band needs to improve and he knows and admits it himself
so we were looking round trying to find ways in which he can improve. and hit high notes more comfortably because he struggles with that.
any help?
thanks in advance
he'd probably wanna take lessons as his best bet. like garbage man said, google and youtube have some really wonderful helping tips if it's just minor things that need to b fixed, but a full on teacher would really help.

before he tries to hit the higher notes and such, have him work on his normal range and perfect the sound and technique. this will give him a wonderful foundation to work off of; he'll be able to shift the octave easier knowing how it will sound a lot easier.

Also, to improve range, and this may sound strange but it works, just jokingly sing and screech at times. if he just messes around and sings off key but higher and and shrill without damaging his voice, it can really improve the normal range when singing in a serious manner. but you should really only do this after you have a good base of singing so you don't yourself up by singing off key.

if you want some other tips just message me, i'd be glad to help
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