I was just on valvetronix.com looking at presets and I saw some settings for the AD60VT and AD120VT and I noticed they had many more features than my AD30VT. I'd never heard of this amp before so I decided to look it up. All I've been able to find though is a review here on UG and Harmony Central, so I decided to come to you guys to ask what's up. Do they not make the amp anymore or are my googling skills horrible.
The AD60VT and AD120VT were the original valvetronix models. They have blue grill cloths. They also have some slight differences in the valve reactor technology. The biggest difference though is the amp and effects models. It has the abilitiy to use multiple effects. It also is considered to be better sounding.

They are discontinued.

EDIT: Just read that back and it's a garbled mess. ClickTHIS for the diferences.
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