While tidying my room I stacked my Boss ME-50 up vertically against my big 65 watt crate amp, and it seems that in one or two days of inactivity, the other wires from the 4-gang extension cord have got a bit entangled with all of them.

I've just tried playing my guitar (Ibanez Artcore, since you ask) with both devices switched on, everything plugged in, and NOTHING is happening. I think the time of at least one of the leads is up.

- Foot switch on the Boss multi-effects is all the way forward so volume isn't muted there.
- All the knobs are well above 0 on the guitar so that's not the issue.
- The clean channel on the amp which I'm using is also fine for volume settings.

I've tried unscrewing all the ends to the leads but at that point, I'll be honest, my technical knowledge of what's inside is non-existent.

I mean, sometimes I've had a bad signal which gives really erratic volume, but there's no sound at all now.

Do you think there's anything else I can try or do I just need to buy new leads?
Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but it appears to be the most relevant area.

Or in my case, about £25-30 perhaps? I forget what the exchange rate is exactly

Thanks, I decided on a similar approach with capos recently. Tired of buying cheap ones which last no time at all & don't really do their job...went for one which is only about £20 but decent quality, can't remember the name but it should last a long time.
Yeah it's just a little cheapish knock off guitar and crappy amp, yeah there is some ringing, I thought of getting new strings but then I thought why. What's strange is that my g string sounds like it's always out of tune :S

For example if I play this riff


the open G totally ruins the sound, since it's meant to blend in but it makes this weird out of tune noise and sounds like crap when I play it, but its in tune? I dunno what to do. And I'm having trouble with muting too, dunno why, I think and hope it's just me, not my gear etc