Ok, sorry if this is in the wrong area or if it's been asked before, but here goes. My dad teaches me some stuff on acoustic, like technique etc. But for electric, I find myself to be de-motivated by not real foundation. I don't know where to start or whatever since I usually play random riffs and stuff, and suck. Then I think that I'm jumping in at the deep end and stuff. I don't know where to start and stuff, any ideas?
To start off on electrci from acoustic
Just start off getting used to the kneck, since acoustics are alot different, just start playing simple cords like the Dminor, G, Eminor etc etc
Then move onto power chords, octaves etc moving up the kneck
| 3~ 5~ 3~ 5~ |
| 3~ 5~ x x |
| 1~ 3~ 1~ 3~ |

Then after all that start learning scales
Start off with the A major scale which is:
| 2 3 4 5 |
| 2 4 5 |
| 2 4 5 |
| 2 3 5 |
| 2 3 5 |
| 3 5 |

Hope this helps ya man
Although there are plenty of free resources on the internet, I would recommend getting a beginner's guitar book like from Hal Leonard or Mel Bay. Work through the book, practice the lessons and then come back to the internet to find about playing in the styles that interest you.