whats everyone think of fender reverb, not the amp, but strictly just the reverb itself.
what would you all say is the best sounding reverb to come out of a fender amp, the twin reverb? vibrolux? princeton reverb? etc...

i havent spent much time on fender amps, only a princeton recording, twin reverb, champ, and some crappy solid state ones, most of the playing time was just to hear a dry clean sound out of the guitar before placing it into a rig of different taste. i have loved the cleans from fenders, and the reverbs. however i play a matchless clone i made, and it is reverbless, i'm thinking of lifting the schematic of fenders most saught after reverb, and turning it into a pedal of sort. i know there's schematics and standalone units by fender and several companies, but really i dont want that much versitily, just a single knob for the amount of reverb and nothing else.

anyways, sorry to type so much, but oppinions please?
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I normally plug into a deluxe when i go into GC. I like it well enough, Wouldn't pay the $900 asking price, but it's decent.
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yeah, i need to head into guitarcenter to put my newly built amp through its paces.
i might as well compare some reverbs well i'm at it. and i agree, i'd never spend that much for a factory made amp loaded with 8-20 cent components on a pcb.
If you don't talk to your kids about GAS, who will?