...so that eventually each hand could do the job of the other one, competently.
Because my right hand is pathetically weak and the fingers are nowhere near tough enough to strum an acoustic comfortably - but if they were as tough as on my left hand, due to doing the same job, they'd be fine.

Worth a try or just wasting my time on a pointless experiment?
Waste of time.

Until you master guitar the normal way, why waste time trying to learn the guitar the un normal way?
well, i've been playing for about 6 years, i just got lazy with technique and also haven't done much playing fingerstyle. but maybe i should focus on just playing regular fingerstyle and getting the mixture of toughness and physical memory nailed the conventional way!
It's not worth it. The fact that it is hard means you are working on a weakness, and the best way to get rid of a weakness is to tackle it directly.
Learning the opposite way has definitely helped me. Fretting really helps with picking, fingerpicking, and rasgueado, and fingerpicking abd rasgueado help with fretting. Why not be totally awesome at everything? Learn to play left and right above and below the neck.