Is it at all feasable to get a band lined up as they would be in a gig (i realise that this is nessecary at times anyway, so you're not relying on nods and cues from others etc.), and go at it as if they were playing to an audience? Or will this not be enough to prepare for the real thing? I've little gigging experience, and would like to get used to moving round more beforehand, and would suggest it to my band. Good idea, or not? Should we be doing this already?

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if you have the space, i highly ercommend it actually. even try taping yourself from the audiences point of view then watch yourselves later.
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we've got the space, the room we practice in is set up to have gigs played in.

from the audience's view:

i'd be bassist on the right with a mic,
singer just off the middle, front,
guitarist on the left,
drums centre, back.
Yep, it's a good idea. When performing you don't (or shouldn't) look at your band mates as much as you would during a practice. This is partly because you aren't in a circle facing eachother, and also you should be making eye-contact with the audience. Practicing as you would when you play live is important so you get used to not waiting for the eye-contact before you go into a chorus/new part of the song etc.

A simple exercise is to practice by yourself in front of the mirror. The audience doesn't want to look at you looking at your hand, they want to see you entertaining the crowd. Practice your parts infront of a mirror so that you can become confident playing your parts without staring at your hand while getting a good perve of yourself.
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Good suggestion about videotaping - I know one band that was signed and known for their live show.... their manager had them videotape their practices where the focus was on live presentation. They'd then review the video tapes to isolate areas for improvement.

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