Alright, so i have lemon oil to clean the fretboard, but im looking for something to clean the actual frets themselves...
Does anyone know of any products that i can use to achieve this?
I live in the UK, By the way.
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Steel wool. Tape off around the frets with painters tape, then buff them with steel wool. Use a magnet to pick up the fibers.

Consult my article for more:

you mean masking tape

TS:- use the finest grade 000 wool, don`t use a brillo pad or other brand with soap already on it, you need to go to b&q or focus or any hardware diy store. ask the tech at your local store where e get`s his from
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Planet Wave have a fret polishing system. I've used it and it's okay it shines up the frets but it's probably easier just to use 0000 steel wool.