I am considering buying a Peavey Vypyr 75 with the Sanpera II footswitch. I tried one out in my local shop last week, liked the sound but the way the pedal works was a little wierd. I was wondering if it was normal?

The problem was that when changing between presets etc, the preset wouldn't change until your foot came off the button, i.e. you could press a button down for as long as you want, nothing would change, then once you released the button, it would change. A quick press on the button resulted in about a half a second delay between pressing and changing patches, which is useless in a live situation!

This is completely different to any footswitch I have ever used - the sales guy in the shop said it may be a calibration problem and that you can recalibrate these things, but to be honest I was suspicious that this was just sales spiel! They didn't have another one out to compare.

Can anyone else with a sanpera comment on this?