Olympus ls-10 and Zoom H-4 - Do any of you guys have experience of these two portable recorders? A friend of mine recommended these two for me when I told him my price-range, but he doesn't know a whole lot, he has just read reviews. I need something good, yet simple. I'm going to record my band on high levels, and also our gigs (and my own (acoustic) guitar playing for various reasons - ideas, pro sounding recordings). I could probably get somehting better or even use an external mic, but I want it as simple as possible. I hate devices with too many options and a menu that takes a life-time to figure out. After looking at some reviews myself, the Zoom seems to have both a smaller screen and a much more difficult menu. One guy on youtube demoing the Zoom even talked about it taking a very long while to figure out the menu.

They are both in the same price-range, I have found them for about the same price even though the Olympus is priced higher. Too me it seems like the best option, but that's only after looking at reviews. They seem to have the same specs, both have decent mics for instance.

So is there anything I should know about? Anybody know these devices first-hand?