So I wrote this about a week ago, I was going for something that was hard and evil but lightened up into something good in the chours. I managed to put bass in there, I used my electric guitar to make the bass guitar lol. Its hard to hear but its there. What do ya'll think, what can I add to it to make it better? Except drums, since I dont have a drum machine.

Good riffs although a bit repetitive. I found the tone to be extremely sharp I'd tune the highs down and turn up the mids a bit. There's also plenty of good drum software that is free in more ways than one The guitar tracks would sound better if you doubled it to make it sound fuller. I'm looking forward to see a finished product man.

Check out mine?

nice riffs. this had my foot tappin. drums would add allot to this. it seems empty without them, but i get the picture. those were good riffs and whatnot, but i felt it needed that change before the 125 mark there. thats a good change but i think it needs to be sooner, or you might not connect with the audiance, they may turn it off before that part. with drums and a sooner chorus/plus some cool lyrics this has potential. cant wait to hear it with drums/when its done.

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