hey was just wondering if anyone had heard of a certain spanish acoustic guitar. my parents gave it to me i reckon its about 30 years old, its very simple and on the inside it says 'concert grande bm' made in spain. if anyone has heard of/knows anything about it give me shout please!
That translates: "Big Concert Poop"

Couldn't help myself.
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Unless its electronic drums.

Concert Grand is a body size. Keep looking.
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That translates: "Big Concert Poop"

Couldn't help myself.

No, it's cool. It made me happy.

Being made in Spain doesn't guarantee its good. It does mean that it's going to be very good for its price however. Whether that's a $100 or a $1,000 classical guitar, it's most likely better than any Chinese, Indonesian, or even American classical in the same price range.

Also, there are a lot of no-name manufacturers in Spain. A lot of guys build these things in home shops, and only sell out of their own stores. You may never find out who made it, because the 'brand' is probably just the luthier's name.

Keep it, play it. It's probably got zero value of the used market, but I'll bet it sounds good.