that thing is gorgeous...shame you're in the UK....
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If i (a had that money, and (b was a good bassist I'd be all over it.

Have a free bump for that beauty of a bass
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I wish I'd had this last year when I was buying a bass...Spent £450 on a Spector Pro Legend 5 from America, coulda got this instead.
Either way, Spectors = win.
Best of luck selling, I'd snatch the hands off you if I could afford this!!
Very weak offers I know, but any interest in a trade for either an epiphone les paul custom or an older jackson KVX10 with a fixed bridge & a bareknuckle warpig?
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Want a Spector...Looks at US address...


Bass tones are hard to find.
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It was a shameless plug but my god I want it... Sucks I need to sell my SUB beforehand.

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That's a handsome bass. If I played bass more, and had the money, I'd definately take you up on it.
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Trade you a rock monkey blackback 1x10 for it. It's basically a princeton reverb with a cathode bias switch and a standby switch.
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