This probably belongs in the gaming thread.

OK pit, what do you think of all these people that think they are so bad ass when they can kick your ass in a song On guitar hero? If they played real guitar, yes I would gladly take their crap because they have somewhat of an idea of how playing real guitar is. But for these people who have never even seen a real guitar, or the light of day for that matter, why should they be allowed to boast like that? You can't play real guitar, 5 fret buttons is a lot different than 21-24 frets as well as six to seven strings. I know the common response to this is "you don't tell people in halo to go get real guns and shoot real people". Well point taken, but guitar is a more real scenario that people can do. So what you think pit? Can some jerk who just owned you in guitar hero and doesn't play real guitar have bragging rights, or should the few of us who play both have the bragging rights because we all can plug our real guitars in to the console and play every single note? Is guitar hero an offense to all of us who really know what guitar is all about?

If this makes zero sense forget you read it and continue with your life, this never happened.
guitar hero and real guitar is not the same... why do you compare?
They have bragging rights for pwning you in guitar hero, you have bragging rights when you're talking real guitar...
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I don't mind people who play Guitar Hero. It's the one's that think they're so br00tal because they can 100% Through The Fire And Flames on expert. It annoys me when people trash the game because 'It's an insult to real guitar' or something.
You're being worse than them. It's a game, grow up, I enjoy both and hate people like you ruining it for me by making all real guitarists seem like jackasses about it.

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if they can kick your ass in guitar hero, then they should be able to brag about it. if you can own them at real guitar, you can brag about it. they're two different things
It's a game, and its just for enjoyment. If people wanna be cocky, let em. Just keep your mouth closed and take solace in the fact you can actually play the real thing.