Does anyone have any strong opinions on G&L's tribute line of guitars compared to MIA Strats?

I've played a G&L Tribute ASAT next to a MIM strat and the G&L was clearly superior in feel, components, and workmanship. I've done a similar side by side comparison with a MIA Strat, and my assessment of the differences was much closer. I'm probably not the greatest judge of guitar nuances much past flagrantly obvious things (like rattling noises or buzzing), so I'd like to see if anyone else has done any comparisons.

My initial perception is that the Tributes are at least as good as MIA Strats. Throw in the lower price point of them and it's hard to justify the extra $$$. Does anyone else have any experiences comparing the two. There is obviously a broader color selection for the Strats and I do like the Fender name - but not enough to pay a premium for a comparable or lesser instrument.

Is there anything else I'm not considering?
I'm guessing either enough folks don't have a lot of exposure to G&L guitars, or the overall question is too close to call either way.
I got a brief go on a G & L strat a while back, but have never compared it to a US strat sadly. Much better than my mexistrat though I have to agree there
I can't chip in with any personal experience of G+L but I think they're generally regarded as slightly superior instruments. Obviously you have to weigh that up with the aesthetics - for me they just don't look right - not different enough or quite similar enough to a strat - and there's the prestige of owning a Fender, if that matters to you. Possibly 2nd hand value may be higher on a Fender, could be wrong.
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