Ok UG, this is my first contribution to this forum, so be gentle Here we go..

To Her

Where do people go..

I want to hide in the sky,
And wake up in the moment that
The realization that all this was untrue
Would become my reality

You bought a one way ticket, and the place you went to,
Had a no-visit sign on your door
Now what could possibly be so valuable,
To trade it for just one more talk..

You thought you helped me not to cry,
But how can I help the river running down my eyes, now
How do I get rid of this feeling of guilt
How can I not blame myself for not showing more of my love

Repeat chorus

Will I ever learn the lessons we have missed,
Can I ever give you all of my respect, yeah
Can I ever, ever stop crying now,
For you are, and still are...
You're the wonder of this world to me,
This world to me, yeah..
To me..

The words of silence echo in this house
They're saying this too shall pass
Years go by and long hours of praying
They vanish my reality..

Repeat chorus x2

You're the wonder of this world to me...

This is meant to be an acoustic.. tell me what you think
All in all, the lyrics are good. Though, I'm having a lot of trouble with everything flowing together. I'm sure you've got it all figured out though so I won't even say anymore on that...

There's an awful lot about crying. I understand it's a sad song, very emotional, but I dunno, lots about crying.

The first to lines of the chorus give me a nice little image of dissapointment, I like those.

"Will I ever learn the lessons that we missed" I really like that! It jumps out me, I kinda relate to it.

I don't really know what else to say about it! I'm new to this haha. A nice piece of work though =]

Would you mind taking a look at mine? Links in the sig. Thanks much man =]

Read 'Em =]
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Thanks on the good review, glad you liked it. For the crying part.. I dunno, it kinda seemed good. Maybe I'll change it, if I come up with something better I'll record the song tomorrow with a friend on vocals and I'll send you a link if you want to hear it