so ive been playing guitar for awhile now and im wanting to start playing different styles, up to this point ive mostly been playing blues and some classic rock

what would be the best way to go about learning how to play in a new style?
go and learn ska or reggea, there are loads of interesting things there
Go metal. I started out with classic rock and just needed something heavier. My buddy then introduced me to an album by the name of Kill em All and my life was changed.
i was thinking about learning some metal, what would be the best way to get into it and be able to write songs with it the fastest?
I would start learning songs like seek and destroy by metallica. its pretty easy stuff. Learn your scales because there's alot of individual note play as compared to playing all chords like in punk or something. Find some bands you like and try to emulate their sound, eventually with enough practice you'll get the hang of it.
Listen to new stuff BEFORE you try and play it...listen to it a lot.
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