I may sound like a total moron in this post, but oh well. haha

but I have been greatly interested into trying to compose music for myself. I have played violin and guitar for numerous years, so I have a very very basic idea on music theory. My questions are if there is anything I need to know when it comes to composing? Any tips? Any key components/rules I need to know? I am sure this question is too big to answer, so if you don't feel like explaining anything, perhaps posting a few sites or recommending a few books I should read and study could very much help me. Thank you in advance!
Tummy Tuck
There are no rules. Just play something, if it sounds good, it is good.
That said, theory does help. It builds your musical vocabulary, which is a good thing.

This site covers the absolute basics, plus something a little more advanced:
Also, the crusade column on ug is pretty awesome too.
The best way to learn to compose your own music is just to do it. Even a very basic understanding of theory is enough to start putting things together. Don't be put-off if your first few pieces are rubbish, almost everyone's are. In the process you'll stumble upon any problems you have, and more likely than not you'll figure the answer out for yourself.