Ello everyone...this is my first post here, so please, don't hurt me :p

A while ago i did a cover of the song "The Rising" by the youtube user Killrbuckeye, and i was wondering what the UG community would think of it. I recorded this video before i knew the very end of the solo, I just havn't gotten around to updating the video yet...so yeah, here it is, lemme know what you all think. Oh...and sorry about the quality...I'm only 16 and I can't afford nice equipment : /


(I don't know how to embed youtube videos...any help would be appreciated ^_^)
Thats pretty damn good!
However for the next time I would recommend making the backing track a little quieter as it is a little difficult to distinguish between your playing and the track at times.
Other than that, great job and the long hair in the shot makes it that much more epic

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