Hi, I'm 27 male, USA, new to electric guitar and this forum. I've just begun to learn and only have three days of experience with my guitar. I bought this guitar after reading some reviews, I read that it sounds good for most all types of music, so I thought it would be a good beginners guitar. I'm learning from this book and then will continue on to this one next.

I appreciate any advice/tips you guys can give me. There are some beginners songs in my books but if you could recommend some more easy ones that sound good, that would be extremely cool.

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Is that an ibanez? My friend has one. They're all right. Welcome to guitar

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Is that an ibanez? My friend has one. They're all right. Welcome to guitar

It's a Washburn
It looks like a Washburn. Looks like a good starter, although I'm not too sure you want a whammy bar this early on....could cause some tuning issues and more hassle.

Oh and for songs: Easier Metallica songs - most of the riffs are simple and recognizable, Green Day - only a handful of power chords usually, Smashing Pumkins - Disarm, Oasis - Wonderwall. Two really easy acoustic songs with only a few chords. Similar ones at that.

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I've heard that from someone else as well, that the whammy could cause tuning issues. Maybe I will take it off and put it somewhere for now.
On top of that you'll need to block the bridge in the cavity I think. You can just pop a bit of wood in there.

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Um, you'd have to replace the whole bridge. There's an easier way with a classic, like that. Under the back plate there are springs on a bar that tension everything. de-tune a bit and tighten them up with the holding screws. That will bring the bridge to a stop and should stay there when you tune back up. It still allows you to whammy down-pitch but not up and tuning is more stable.
Anyway, welcome and that's a nice enough starter guitar will plenty of tones to keep you interested. Have fun.
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Do most of you play your guitar using a pick? Where I am right now in the first book it's teaching to use my thumb, but it mentioned later on that I might want to use a pick. I have picks but am going along with the book right now, unless you guys think I should learn it using a pick right away.

welcome to UG and the world of guitar playing, those books look okay but don`t rely on books too heavily for playing tips best talking to actual guitarist who have experience with equpiment like yours thats what forums are for and the guys in decent guitar shops can always offer positive advice,

setup your profile page to include a gear list and your preferred music styles so those that can help will know a bit more about your playing.

i`ve been playing 22 years and it still gives me an immense amount of pleasure and when the going gets tough don`t give up i`ve seen to many newer players fall away `cos they thought they were stagnating.
I know what you mean about people giving up. I've owned two electric guitars in the past but they were garbage with terrible sounding amps. I've never actually tried to learn before, just tinkered with them a bit.

This time around I got better starter equipment and am serious about learning.
Welcome to the world of Electric Guitar.

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Yes, use a pick. And make sure to Alternate Pick as pointed out by the guy below me (beat me to it)

Also, do not ANCHOR your picking hand to the guitar, let your hand float above the strings. Difficult at first, but worth it. Wish I had done that when I started.

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I think you should learn to pick - ALTERNATE pick - first. When I learned guitar, that's what I did, and fingerpicking came much more naturally when I started learning it about a year in than I think alternate picking would have.

Both are important to know, though.
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Is alternate picking when you learn to use both sides of the strings?

never heard it put that way, but yeah.

Basically the movement of the pick.

Down then Up
Down Up Down UP D U D U

Instead of always going down...

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both sides of the pick instead of picking a rythem like (down = d up = u) dddddd you use dududu and it will be IMMENSLY helpful to you later on

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I bought this pack but haven't opened it yet. I guess the material of the pick is a personal preference, or is one really better than the other? Which pick to begin with, hmm. hehe

Mostly personal preference for comfort, and as the tone may be differed ever so slightly, sound.
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totally personal preference...No right or wrong pick to use...

GENERALLY speaking I would say

Thinner picks for strumming, medium for rhythm type of licks, Thick for hardcore power chords.

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Hey, welcome! Nice guitar you got there. Great color!

I recommend you look at online guides too, since some of them have video that makes it easier to see how to do it right. Try, say, justinguitar.com. Maybe even youtube.
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My advice: Don't give up! The first month of guitar learning will make you want to quit because it feels like your not progressing at all. But just ignore it and keep practicing! Try to get in at least an hour everyday. And if able to, even more.

Oh and another thing: Youtube can be your best teacher. I learned most of my stuff from youtube. Also check out justinguitar.com
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Oh and about picks, I recommend you go to a store and grab one or two of a ton of different types, and see what feels the best, and then stick with it. Try Fender premium celluloids, Dunlop tortexes, different gauges, other types I can't think of, anything.
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Thank you, Red Comet, for restoring a bit of my faith in human kind.
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Thick picks for fast alternate picking and shredding overall, thick picks are great for speed. If you're planning to become a metal guitarist use thick picks from the beginning, at least 1mm thick picks...

I'm pretty sure thin picks are good for playing fast, but thick picks are more precise.

Anyways, good luck on your new hobby! Yeah, you should learn to alternate (up, down, up, etc) pick first, it's an important skill because it's easier to get a rhythm going and play faster.

Playing from books isn't always the best idea. Guitar's a lot different than other instruments because you tailor it to your own needs to get the job done. What you want to do is play some songs you know (there's a great tab section on UG), enjoy them and practice the technique behind the song if you're stuck.

Here's some easy songs you can try

Judas Priest- Breaking the Law
Deep Purple- Smoke on the Water
Black Sabbath- Paranoid
Led Zeppelin- Stairway to Heaven
AC/DC- Back in Black
Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
Welcome to Guitar. Honestly, the most worthwhile thing i do in life. It's sometimes a gruelling and difficult ride but if you are committed, you'll love it. First month is always the hardest so just push through it. Learn your chords and your Pentatonic scale and you're good to go. Also, use Youtube as much as you can. In the beginning it's hard to learn just from tabs so videos of people playing and teaching songs is great, it's what i did.
i play alot of metal and i personally prefer fender mediums to anything
I'm also a proud owner of a Washburn x-10 guitar They're awesome! Good pick The first song I learned was Slipknot-Duality on Drop D ;O
I'd suggest you to practise alternate picking,if you're feeling the need try some tremolo picking going into the surf rock zone on clean or the SICK zone on distortion Books are alright tho I'm self taught and I can't compare anything at the moment so stick with it if you like.Learn lots of riffs,each riff gives you some experience Concerning picks-I use Tortex picks after trying out some types but I live in Bulgaria where we lack the great choice... Dunlop Tortex picks are awesome,they've got a good grip and are durable THe guitar you've chosen is extremely durable as well,I've had no problems with the bridge and neck and I've tormented the guitar a lot (removing all strings while cleaning the freatboard and frets,putting on 12-54 D'addarios and going into D standart etc) and it's really great Great choice my fellow Washburner and welcome to the world of Guitar!
Thanks Dopemgs, that makes me happy that I decided on that guitar. Alternate picking seems like it's going to take some time to learn. I guess after doing it so often you get use to it, much like typing on a keyboard? I can't find my way around the strings or frets yet, but I will in time I'm sure.
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Concerning picks-I use Tortex picks after trying out some types but I live in Bulgaria where we lack the great choice... Dunlop Tortex picks are awesome,they've got a good grip and are durable

What mm size picks would you suggest? I see a bunch of sizes on amazon.com of Dunlop Tortex picks.
Get 'em all.

Seriously. It's the only way to know which ones suit you best.

EDIT: I'm talkin' about picks here.

I don't know why I am looking at picks, I should try the ones I have first. I have some Dava Control picks and a couple Fender picks. I'm sure I'll settle on something eventually.

So how long has it taken some of you to learn alternate picking?
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In my opinion the Jazz III dunlop picks are extremely useful,you can get huge speeds thanks to that little wonder,I'd suggest you try Tortex's 0.88 mm ,the green picks,they're the best for tremolo,power chords and strumming and allow precise movement while being able to go loco on those strings also when changing strings consider this-if you're gonna play the normal standart way (E standart) go for 9-10 gauge,Drop D is available to 9-10's as well. However if you plan to go lower (like me to Drop B or C standart,two steps down) you'll need a thicker gauge (12-13) to maintain tension. But if you plan to play in standart keep the 9-10s because the tension with the higher gauges is EXTREME. Also try combining exercises like chromatic scales + alternate picking on em. Also try the humbucker on your guitar,it's freaking amazing. I'm constantly on the hum because it provides the best sound for me,tho if you play jazz or blues you might like the neck single coil pick-up. Really great choice on the guitar And remember to keep the pickup selector to the Hum if you're gonna be a rock and metal guitarist
Well alternate picking will just come natural if you start from the beginning .

Try this scale


alternate pick it.
For your humbucker, click the switch all the way down (away from the neck). That's your bridge pickup, which is a humbucker on your guitar. One click up from that should be the middle pickup and the bridge, once up from that is the middle pickup (should be the middle position on the switch), one up from that is the middle and neck pickup, and one up from that is just the neck.
Have fun.

EDIT: http://www.cyberfret.com/scales/index.php
Useful website.
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A tip-learn to use your pinky! Practise chromatic scales while alternate picking!!! EFFIN USEFUL! Also when you change strings don't worry 'bout the guitar,tho mine was setup by the greatest bulgarian ever "Kanev,I love you!" but it hasn't had any problems whatsoever and I've restrung it 3 times ,REMOVING the strings,going from none to 10 and from none to 12. No probs whatsoever Experiment! Oh btw keep the tone at the highest point.Keep both guitar knobs on top. It sucks when lowered :S