This is something I wrote awhile back whilst listening to one of my favorite bands, Opeth. It is unfinished because I dont quitek know what to do after bar 32 (help!)

I think that bar 34 and further on lost the opeth touch and got somewhat punky and I might end up cutting it out.

C4C as usual.

I will allow negative and positive crits.
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New Opeth Thing.gp5
not bad...i think its actually quite good, i like the acoustic in the beginning, the leads were really good. i dont know what to tell ya to ddo, but i like the riff at bar 34, it doesent sound like opeth, but i think its good, it goes with it, id leave it in there, an i would definetly finish it...its really good

if you have the time you can crit any song in my sig....except song 1, it sucks...lol