Hey guys.

I recently bought a couple of Danelectro pedals for 25 bucks a pop -- the French Toast Fuzz/Octave and the Chili Dog Octave -- and I wanna mess with them. Any suggestions? I couldn't find a damn thing on the net...

Gretsch G1169SP
Vox Cambridge '30 Reverb
Danelectro Octave Up/Distortion
Danelectro Octave Down
Crybaby Wah
Big Muff Pi (NYC)
bumpy bumpy (surprised no ones replied man!)

I know little about pedal circuits but maybe someone who does could help, maybe if there is something specific with the pedal you want to mess with?

you could always give that circuit bending stuff a go (if it can be done to either pedal :S ), just google it and see what you think, youtube has some crazy sounding examples!

hope this is helpful!