Hi there, i'm selling my Canon Digital SLR - in mint condition. It's the rare silver version. As far as i'm aware they've stopped making these now. I've had it roughly 3 years or so, and decided I no longer needed it as I never have time for artistic photography any more, and it's just pointless me keeping it when it could be with someone who uses it! I very rarely used it, as I never had time - i looked after it very well, and made sure it's still in amazing condition. I bought alot of accessories, all of which i'm throwing in too! Unfortunately I don't have the CD's or instructions anymore, but they can be downloaded from the Canon website. With the camera, i'm bundling in;

- Crumpler bag (bought new at £70)

- 2 CF Memory Cards

- Battery

- Charger

- 18-55mm stock lens

- Hoya UV Filter (To Fit)

- Hoya Circular Polariser (To Fit) - (Bought new at £30)

- Hoya 52mm Infrared Filter - (Bought new at £45)

- Jessops tripod (Bought new at £30)

This camera's absolutely amazing for anything from nice holiday pictures, to professional photos - and anything in between!

As rare as it is, in the condition it is, i'm looking for something like £400, send me offers though! Postage worldwide.