I have been playing the guitar for over 2 years now, and I don't really have any pains anywhere any more, except for one thing. When playing something like Under the bridge - RHCP, my thumb joint starts hurting. It feels like the thumb wants to knack back in its joint. What am I doing wrong? Please look at the pics(sorry for bad quality, phonecamera was the only one avaible right now).


I've put a red circle around the area where the pain comes from. Is it just my guitar having a high action, am I putting my thumb there in a stupid way or am I just being a pussy about it?

Weird thing is, it only starts hurting when the barre is on the 6th fret or higher, lower than that there's no problem...
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stretch your hand out before you play
its just not like a natural position for that muscle to do, so before and after you play stretch your hand

I have the same problem an dhave been playing for seven years, so you eventually get used to it kind of lol

and lowering the action would help, but if you like playing higher action thats going to screw you up, so basically stretching will do wonders
im not sure, but maybe try putting your thumb more in-line with the rest of your hand (i.e. pretty much just under your middle or index finger
I think you have your thumb too far "behind" your fretted fingers. Then again, I have double jointed thumbs so I dont really have problems with barre chords Have you tried doing the hendrix style barre chords with the thumb over the side?

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Hook 'em
Do em the way Jimi did, or just keep your thumb in the same direction.
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As the others said the position of yours thumb is off. try having the pad of your thumb in the middle of the height of the neck
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Is this better than? It still hurts a bit, but I last a bit longer.

again, sorry for the quality. I'll get a better phone
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thats pretty epic actually.

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You're not barring. If you bar your index properly, your thumb should follow.
And for the picture in post 8, your thumb is a little too high up the neck.
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eh... try popping ur wrist way out. it'll feel funny, but should make it a bit easier to bar
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Being a footie goalkeeper of some 20 odd years and having had several thumb, finger, hand, wrist, elbow injuries that have put guitar playing on hiatus for various periods...

The way it was explained to me was that the thumb is not so much there to help "squeeze" the neck, but to act in part as a fulcrum to get leverage...

Experiment with elbow position in terms of the distance away from the body, that in turn will affect the wrist position (as the above poster has suggested) and then the thumb. Key being that you can barre across the six strings with the index finger without fret buzz or muting, then fret the other fingers... if the guitar is in a good balanced position, your left hand should not be trying to hold the guitar and fret at the same time.