Hey, I found one of these used at my local pawn shop for $150.

It needs a little bit of cosmetic repair, however it plays nice.

The trem is kind of out of whack, I think the person did the poor person way to block it, by using 4 springs and screwing the trem plate in, is there any adverse effects to this? Also, how would I intonate it if need be?

It's missing its locking nuts and a screw that holds the base of the locking nut in place, where would I go to replace those?

It has a nice bit of nicks on the body, is there any way to repair it other that stickers or giving it a new paint job?

Finally, the knobs are a bit wore down, how much would two knobs cost?

I've wanted a 7 string for a while, and for $150, it seems like a great deal. Has anyone had one of these for a while?
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