This is the link to the Guitar World 2010 buyers guide photo shoot..

Well, the guitar in question is the explorer-style two-toned 24-fret electric with a horned headstock, 3x3. the headstock has red bevels on either side, it looks like. the body is predominantly black, but has gray on one side of the front. there are no inlays, except for at the 12th, looks like a jackson styled inlay.

the headstock has a logo, but its one ive never seen, looks like an infinity symbol kinda? and im sure it says the name of the guitar on the truss rod cover, but i cant read it in the video. any help from maybe someone who has the guide?

its the new peavy series of metal guitars. there's like 6
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go out and buy the guide?

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i didn't see any guitars in that video

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