I've finally got around to getting the thing on Youtube. Playing isnt the best, and neither is the sound. But I tried my hardest to make it unique and good sounding. Its all fingerpicked, on the middle and neck pickups I belive. Please Rate and Comment. I've been playing for a year and taking lessons for about 3-4 months. So rate/critisize accordingly please. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vk29o7oXGVc
I had a little issue with settings, the video may have a weird title for a bit, but I did change the settings.

Copied over from AGF. Please no Dumbass comments.
Looks like you got most of the chords in place, at least, props for that. you could try to add a bit more dynamic in the chords though, and some notes sounded a bit off beat. If you've been taking lessons for 3 months only, that's actually pretty decent.
Considering the time youve been playing thats pretty good, your bends are in tune which is sometimes a problem lol. Your fingerpickin is good but youre a bit out of time at points. Also make sure you know the structure of the song well. But yeah jsut keep working man, youll get pretty damn good i reckon