Any other fans of one of the best blues-rock/Americana bands ever?

for the uninitiated:

wicked rain/across 110th st
kiko and the lavender moon
One Time One Night
The Neighborhood
Hearts of Stone
everyone knows la bamba
fabulous version of gaye's what's goin on

Love these guys
Not a big fan, TBH. probably haven't listened to them enough, though.
It's not for everyone, but I grew up on it. Just found my dad's cd stash and have been going to town.
I rank Hidalgo's voice up there with Tom Petty's for when you need some mellow stuff to just chill to, especially when in a haze...

inb4 los lonely boys comparison too
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everyone knows la bamba

I know that and Cancion del mariachi, great songs.

Never really checked them out, though.
they put on a great performance on the crossroads concert dvd.
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Liked a couple of the singles i'd hear over a period of years so I went to see them with booker t recently.

What. A. Disappointment. They turned up late and made absolutely no effort, playing was sloppy as well. Did all these lame 'bleh' rubbish pop songs. I didn't stay to the end, to be honest.
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Damn, that's a shame. I saw them in the late 90's (This Time tour I think) and it was a fabulous show, they were really into it.

Hopefully Booker T was better, especially if Marc Ford was with him.
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