"Ripples in the Sky"

Yes, we are in desperate need of a vocalist, since this song is in dire need of one, to not succumb into total dullness at times...
I wrote and recording this song as a prelude to the EP we're seeking to complete by late fall (also very dependant on finding a vocalist)

Flame away and leave a link if you want me to listen to your song!
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I really like it. Do you have lyrics?

Thanks! I am currently working on a vocal melody and lyrics, but Im in no rush since we have no singer to perform it with us

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wow. that was good. not my style but great playing/recording. this has been the best thing i heard on here all night. very very pro sounding. it does have a hole with no vocals. but when they are added this should be killer!. nice job man. i think all it needs is vocals. great composing.

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Wow, thanks a lot for the kind words! As mentioned, vocals are in (slow) progress, but Ill be sure to post here again whenever (if ever) we get some vocals recorded!

*heads to your link*
Pretty cool! I like the piano parts and the composition in general, but yeah a vocalist would make it sound a whole lot better!

Sound's like you EP will sound pretty cool!

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i like this a lot. the piano break in the middle of the song is very cool, i like the time signature change. the solo is great stuff, too, gotta love the sweeps/taps part. the lack of vocals makes it drag a little in what i'm assuming are the verses...but that's not your fault. if this had vocals it'd be absolutely killer.

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